Medical Assistant training is now offered online by St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants. This program is currently ranked #1 for online medical assistant schools by “Best Online Colleges and Schools”.   St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants offers their medical assistant program online using proven innovative distance education technology.  The program has earned national accreditation and certification by the National Accreditation and Certification Board. This independent program evaluation helps to insure the quality of online instruction provided by the institution. Although not mandatory, it is highly recommended that students taking online programs look for such accreditation.  

St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants offers one of the most comprehensive medical assistant programs currently available online. Their distance education program utilizes modern technology such as streaming videos, downloads, interactive courses and labs to equip students with a complete medical assistant education. Upon completion of this program students should feel very comfortable working in a medical office, hospital, clinic or a similar medical setting.

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